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Donations can be dropped off at at St John’s, St Mary’s churches and Jedburgh Old & Trinity, in the church buildings or their halls, and at Jed Fitness Centre in the foyer.

Foodbank News – March

Since the pre Christmas period the food bank has been blessed with very generous donations from a number of our usual sources and others from new and unexpected donors.  This has largely kept the cupboard topped up with most regularly used food stuffs, despite the fact that the six week unfunded wait for Universal Credit has been taking its toll upon members of the communities we support during this same period. 
Increasing numbers of parcel requests from agencies state that their clients would need repeat parcels for at least six weeks. 

Since the start of January, we have been giving double the number of parcels normally handed out during an average month. Inevitably, we are now running low on certain items and it is time to send out a call for the following stocks;

Tins of

fruit/rice pudding/custard

meat pies

meat meals eg korma, curry, chilli, beef stew, chicken in sauce,

meatballs in gravy etc

Jars of pasta sauce

tinned peas/carrots/mixed veg

microwaveable single serving sachets of pasta in sauce

small jars coffee


If you can help with any of these, we will be most grateful and we thank you all for your giving throughout the last few months.