The Vestry is elected from members of the congregation and is responsible for the finances and general running of the church. There are posts of Treasurer, Property Convener (covering the fabric of the church and Rectory), Secretary and Chairman. The Vestry members are:

Paul Beck


Co-opted 2016

Patrick Copsey

Elected 2016

Barbel Gledhill

Elected 2015

Margaret Grover

Elected 2015

Gerard Henry

Property Convenor;

Co-opted 2011

Cathy Lees

Elected 2016

 Christine McLachlan


Co-opted 2006

Steve McLachlan

Elected 2015

Claire Nicholson

Lay Representative;

Elected 2016

David Ogilvie

Alternative Lay Representative;

Elected 2013

Liz Kiteley


Co-opted 2017

Rev. Andrew Cooper

Priest in Charge