Healing Room

Where and when do the Jedburgh Healing Rooms take place?

The Kenmore Hall, beside the Church of Scotland

6.00 pm – 7.00 pm – every Tuesday evening

Come in and experience the love and strength of our God who heals!

We offer prayer for both physical and emotional healing.

All sessions are free and confidential

Healing Rooms have an open access policy and any member of the public may walk in.

What is a healing room? – “Simply a place where people can come and receive healing prayer for any condition,” Healing Rooms are open to everyone, and prayer is offered free of charge by trained volunteers who come from local churches.

In this case volunteers are from Jedburgh Churches together who see this as part of their outreach programme to the community.

Healing rooms are established throughout Scotland as part of a UK and worldwide organisation. Prayer is seen as part of the Holistic care of the whole person and is found to benefit many participants.

Will Healing Rooms encourage people to discontinue conventional or other treatments? – Our training course emphasises that people should be actively discouraged from discontinuing any treatments they may be receiving without first consulting with the appropriate health practitioner.

What happens when someone enters a Healing Room? – They are met by a receptionist who will explain the service and take some brief details and if required provide refreshments. If the person or persons wish to be prayed for, they are taken to a separate room where a team of three will pray with them. The teams will normally be of mixed sex, but the lead member of the team will be of the same sex as the participant, there may be laying on of hands if requested, but only by a same sex member.

All records and consultation are subject to strict rules of confidentiality with a signature required allowing the Healing Room to retain these records.

Is participation on a one off basis? – This may be the case with some participants, but experience shows that many people return for regular prayer.


If you would like further information please contact  the Scottish website:


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