Double Celebration 18th January 2015

Alan Jan 15 1 013aA large congregation gathered at St John’s on Sunday 18th January for a double celebration led by the Bishop of Edinburgh, the Right Reverend Dr John Armes.

The occasion was the commissioning by Bishop John of two new worship leaders, Paul Beck and Stephen McLachlan and two new Chalice Bearers, Paul Beck and Clare Nicholson.

The second part of the celebration was the dedication of the new organ which had been the subject of much fundraising throughout 2014.

Our organist Ted Ferguson is now enjoying a brand new Viscount Organ which has all the latest bells and whistles and even has the ability to accompany worship without an organist! Changed days from when even someone’s hearing aid could interrupt worship, or the organ would simply stop mid hymn.

The celebratory worship was led by the Rector, David Dalglish, with the Bishop presiding over Holy Communion. A bring and share lunch rounded off the proceedings.


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