Midsummer Flower Festival 2013

For this flower festival we endeavoured to depict the colours of the church year.  We are delighted that ladies from Jedburgh Old and Trinity Parish Church and Oxnam Kirk assissting the flower arrangers from St John’s.


Station 1 – Advent.   (Violet)  by Helen Tyler            Station 1 Advent


Station 2 – Christmas (White) By Kathleen Turnbull

Station 2 Christmas

Station 3 – Epiphany (White/Green)  By Elma Montgomerie

Station 3 Epiphany

Station 4 – Poppy Cross (Red)  By The Lady Haig Poppy Factory and the Children of Messy Church

Station 4 Poppy Cross

Station 5 – Lent  (Purple)  By Rosemary Wilkes

Station 5 Lent

Station 6 – Palm Sunday (Red)  By Marion Anderson

Station 6 Palm Sunday

Station 7 – Maundy Thursday  (White) By   Sally Henry

Station 7 Maundy Thursday

Station 8 – Music Sunday    By Moira Land

Station 8 Music Sunday

Station 9 – Archway  By Patsy Blacklock

Station 9 Archway

Station 10 – Easter (White)  By Joan Stafford-Badger

Station 10 Easter

Station 11 – Pentecost  (Red)  By Edie Turnbull

Station 11 Pentecost

Station 12 – Trinity  (Green)  By Edie Turnbull

Station 12 Trinity

Station 13 –  Harvest  By Joan Bennet

Station 13 Harvest

Station 14 – Wall Arrangements  By Elizabeth Thompson

Station 14 Wall Arrangements

Station 15 – The Door Planters  By Patsy Blacklock

Station 15 Door Planters R




St John’s would like to thank:

  • All the ladies and men who arranged the flowers and arranged the setting to take the flowers.
  • Stems . For the flowers.
  • Dorricots.  For the buckets.
  • Laidlaws and Sons.   For the sand
  • Dorothy Perkins Hawick  For the mannekins.
  • The Bridge Charity Shop Jedburgh  For the mannekins