♦ 9.00 am Holy Communion; 1970 liturgy

This is a said service and lasts about 40 minutes

♦ 10.30 am Sung Eucharist; 1982 liturgy

This is the main Sunday service with the organ and the Choir  and lasts just over an hour.

Children and young people are welcome at all services

There is a carpeted area at the back of church with toys and books for the younger ones (parents/carers are welcome to sit with them) and Sunday School teaching is available for the older ones.

→ Messy Church provides for those who can’t get to church on Sundays or find a traditional church service difficult.


♦ 10.00 am Holy Communion; 1982 liturgy

This is a said service and lasts about 40 minutes.


♦ After the main Sunday Service there is the opportunity for getting together over tea/coffee or a soft drink in the Church Centre.


♦ Details of other additional services

During the Christmas and Easter seasons any additional services are added to the ‘Services and Events’ found on the RHS of each page.