Letter from Chris Hingley March 2018

Dear friends

I am always very grateful to have a visit from someone from overseas with pastoral wisdom and experience who is willing to have a look at my ministry. It is one thing for me to give an account of what I have been doing, but it is infinitely more valuable for me to be able to send you an objective assessment. I was therefore delighted to have a visit from David Mansfield, the CEO of Anglican Aid in Australia. Here is his account:

“Observing Chris Hingley’s Leadership and Ministry

I had the opportunity to observe first hand the ministry of Chris Hingley to young people associated with churches and schools in the City of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, when I visited there in March 2018.

What impressed me most was the rapport that Chris had with both students and their parents in the various activities he led. Whether it was a Bible Study, discussion about life’s issues, in ball games or just chatting over the home-made meals that the students, or their parents provided, Chris’s integrity and genuine concern for the welfare of the students in his care was outstanding.

There was a simplicity and wholesomeness in the culture that Chris has developed in the Christian youth ministry he leads. It took me back to memories of the sixties and the fun and safety I enjoyed with my youth leaders, free from the need for fast food, fixation with body image and the preoccupation with the internet.”

With thanks and good wishes

Chris Hingley