Welcome to St. John’s

St. John’s is now in a period of interregnum while we plan the next chapter of our story. Our interim pastors are Rev. Canon Bob King and Rev. Grace Redpath from St. Andrew’s, Kelso.

Easter flower arrangement
Easter flower arrangement

Communion services are normally on Sunday and Wednesday mornings at 10.00 am.

COVID 19 – keeping each other safe:
Don’t come to a service if you have symptoms.
Sanitise your hands on the way in and out.
Respect each other’s personal space.
Face coverings are no longer required by law, but we encourage you to wear one while entering and leaving and moving around the building. If you wish, remove it once you are seated.

For details of broadcast services, links and supporting material, go to the Services page.

Thinking about the future

Thanks to a lot of very energetic organisation—behind the scenes and up front—we exchanged some useful and positive ideas round the tables at the Jedburgh Thistle Pavilion after the morning service on 19 September.

It wasn’t an occasion for conclusions or decisions, but it gave us an opportunity to say what we value about St. John’s worship, St. John’s the community, and St. John’s the building, and to think aloud about how the future might look. Our facilitators, Paul and Janet Starkey from Christ Church, Duns, were there to prompt and summarise at each stage. They wrote a report for us, and will stay involved in this process.

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